In Ballet classes, students will be taught  proper techniques to correctly execute their most beautiful dance moves! They will focus on building strength in their muscles and perfecting the graceful and elegant styling of Ballet.


Ballet is probably the most-studied dance style around the world.

Pre-School Ballet:
These are perfect classes for children aged 3-5 years to start building the foundation for Pre-Primary. Students will become familiar to being in a dance studio environment and the discipline of ballet classes. These classes are intended to be a really fun introduction to dancing!

All of our graded ballet classes follow the
RAD examination syllabi:

Pre-Primary, Primary and Grades 1-8:

In these classes, students will start at the barre, progress onto centre exercises and learn dances. As part of Grades 1-8, they will also learn Character Dance, a style of European folk dance often seen in Ballets.

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2:
In these Vocational graded classes, we delve even deeper into technique, and students learn to dance en pointe. They will learn sequences to music from famous ballets and will be pushed to become the best dancers they can possibly be!
These classes run alongside the regular RAD graded classes, and students usually start their Intermediate Foundation level when they reach Grade 5.

It is worth noting that, although all of our ballet classes are examination classes, students are not obliged to take the exams should they wish not to. Students will  continue to progress onto the next grade with their peers and enjoy dancing.

Our ballet teachers are Miss Dimitra (Miss Demi) and Miss Ioanna.